THE INTENSIVE is about BEING Encountered by God.

Are you hungry for God? Do you want to be? Are you wondering how to grow in your relationship and understanding of what God is up to in your life and the world? THE INTENSIVE will equip you to know and worship God, make decisions that will honor him and set you on the wildest God filled adventure.

THE INTENSIVE is about creating community.

Pursuing God on your own can be difficult; you were created for community. In community, you love, serve, sharpen and encourage each other to be God's best. In THE INTENSIVE you will have a group to learn with, a ministry setting to learn in, and a mentor to learn from.

THE INTENSIVE is about making a difference.

God has created you to make an impact. God has designed you in a such a way that those around you can see the reality of Jesus. THE INTENSIVE will equip you to see transformed lives around you and be empowered to partner with God to help restore the world.