Christians are called not only be a disciple, but to be a disciple who makes disciples.

The Intensive has room for 60 College students and Young Professionals who want to pursue more of God, learn more about Jesus, and live more through the Holy Spirit.

A part-time discipleship program centered around a two and half hour interactive learning experience, table group conversation, weekly readings and an every other week mentor conversation (Approximately 3 hours a week).

Norway Hall.
Various ministry focus areas.
Other locations as needed.


Applications deadline: September 15th
Registration deadline: September 30th
1 longer term (1-2 weeks) urban immersion experience over spring break

The Application Process:

  1. Attend an Info meeting 
  2. Apply on line
  3. Once you submit your application you will be prompted to schedule a personal interview with one of the intensive staff. Here they are trying to get to know you to ensure two things:
    1. a great mentor pairing
    2. You know the expectations of the experience. 
  4. Receive a acceptance letter. 
  5. Register and pay for the intensive to lock in your spot.
  6. Get ready for the experience monthly as you receive monthly updates. 
  7. The Intensive launches Tuesday October 2nd, 2018 at Norway Hall. 

COST (approximate):

  • $130 for the year
  • Participants will raise funds if selected for their mission trip.

This is the discipleship arm of Ekklesia: The College and Young Adults ministry of Christ the King Community Church.