While participants spend a significant amount of time in our large group conversations, The Intensives also uses a table discussion to help the community process the material that they are hearing. Participants experience the large conversation as a group as they sit with their table group throughout the evening, and at times have a chance to talk with their groups to help process the experience and take the concepts further. It is in these conversations where participants begin having the discussions that help apply what they are learning to their own lives. The table group community helps each person lean into the experience, instead of check out, when the concepts get difficult. Discussions are lead every week by a different participant at the table . This ensures that those who are currently serving in ministry can come, be present and participate without the pressure of leading anything. The Intensive staff often hear that the table discussion times are participants’ favorite parts of the evening.

For some people, the table group ends up becoming the primary source of community for them, but that is not the case for everyone. While there is space and time to talk about what’s going on in each others lives on occasion, the focus of the table group discussion is to help each participant have space to wrestle with what they are learning during the teaching time, and therefore it is content and growth focused.

The intensive is about creating an intentional learning environment but this most accurately mirrors the scriptures when this learning happens in the context of a community of people engaging Jesus together.